Homemade Mozzarella Cheese

You really want to try this.  

It is easy to make your own mozzarella cheese. It’s fun especially if you are like me and don’t really know your way around the kitchen. 

Some instructions are below the video.





To make your home made mozzarella cheese you will need:

Citric Acid which can be purchased at a grocery store or online byCLICKING HERE. 

Rennet which can be purchased at a health food store or online by CLICKING HERE.

A gallon of fresh milk. It is fine to use homogenized and pasteurized milk. Don’t use ultra-pasteurized milk.

Use distilled water if your tap water has fluoride or other chemicals.

You will need a big pot, a Kitchen Thermometer, and some sort of strainer or a colander. (I didn’t know what that thing was called either, Sandy told me.)

Give it a try and let me hear from you. 



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